Can I download my order data?

Can I download my order data?

You can download your order data from your All Orders page.
This takes all the details of your order and puts it all in one CSV file for you to download and analyze further.

To download your order data, follow these steps:

You can select as many orders as you need, but if the number of orders exceeds 100, the file will be sent to your registered email address instead of directly to your smartphone because of the size of the file.

When downloaded, your CSV file will contain the following columns:

Created AtWhen the order is created.
Follows the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
12/23/2023 14:22:02
Order IDThe unique ID of your Enstack orderABCDE12345
StatusThe current status of the order at the time of downloadDelivered
OrdersThe products included in the specific order: includes the Product Name, Variation Name, and quantityPepperoni Pizza - 12-Inch x 3
Shipping MethodWhat shipping method was used to deliver the order.Enstack Standard - Ninjavan
Mode of PaymentThe payment method of the orderGCash
Sub-totalThe total of product prices (sale or otherwise) for the order
Shipping FeeShipping fee applied to the order paid by the customer.

Zero if using buyer pickup
Enstack SubsidyEnstack Subsidy, if any is automatically applied.0.00
Voucher DiscountVoucher discounts, if one is applied.-50.00
Cashier DiscountDiscount applied by the merchant during checkout in Cashier, if any.-20.00
Transaction Fee
Transaction fee applied for selecting a non-cash payment method.

Zero if using cash payment or if merchant opts to pay for transaction fees.
Total Order AmountThe total order amount which includes all applicable fees, discounts, and subsidies.2,894.08
Enstack Shipping FeeShipping fee applied to the order when using Integrated Shipping-120.00
Enstack Transaction FeeTransaction Fee applied to the order when using Non-Cash payment method-94.08
Enstack CommissionApplicable Enstack commissions, if any.0.00
Total SalesTotal remittable amount, net of any deductions and commissions2,680.00
Order NotesOrder notes saved, if any"This is a gift. Please remove any price tags."
Date PaidDate that the order was paid for, follows the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss12/23/2023 14:23:58
Pickup Date
Date that the order was picked up by the courier, if using Integrated Shipping.

Follows the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

if not using integrated shipping, this field will be blank.
12/23/2023 16:32:32
Date Delivered
Date that the order was tagged as Delivered, either by the merchant or the courier.

Follows the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
12/23/2023 17:21:22
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