How can I customize my Online Stores?

How can I customize my Online Stores?

You can easily customize certain aspects of your Web Store with the app.

Tap Online Stores from your Enstack Home Page and you will see all the different ways you can currently customize your Web Store.

Changing your store name

You may change your store name at any time.

Your store name will be displayed on your Web Store and related pages.

Changing your store description

You may write your own store description which will be included in your Store profile for your buyers to read.

Tip: Use Enstack Magic to write your store a new description with AI.

Changing your store logo

You may take or upload images to use as your store logo. Keep in mind that images will be cropped as a square for optimal viewing.

Tip: Use Enstack Magic to help you design a new logo for your Web Store.

Changing your URL

You may change your Web Store URL to better reflect your brand.

When you first receive your Web Store, Enstack generates it automatically based on your initial store name. Should you wish to change it you may do so by tapping Edit.

Keep in mind that you can only do this once, so please make sure that you carefully type the store name you want.

Uploading store banners

You can upload banners to your Web Store for buyers to see first when they visit it. You may upload up to 5 banners which buyers can swipe through to view.

Use it to brand your store, promote any featured products, show Enstack’s continuous voucher programs.

Tip: Banners are uploaded at a resolution of 1,280px x 800px. Keep this in mind when you design your own banners.

Adjusting your business hours

You can set your business hours to inform buyers of when your store is open.

If ever you still wish to receive orders even when your store is closed, you may do so by turning on “Take orders if closed”