How do I delete my Enstack Account?

How do I delete my Enstack Account?

You may request for your account to be deleted. However, requests are subject to approval.

To request for account deletion, Go to the My Enstack tab on the Homepage> Tap the Settings Icon in the upper right corner> Delete Account> Request for Account Deletion.

Account deletion is permanent and irreversible. Once we've deleted your account, you won't be able to log in and view your account history. 
Enstack reserves the right to reject future account creation requests if we suspect fraudulent activities and abusive behaviors.
Account deletion requests are subject to approval and may take up to 30 days.

If you mistakenly requested for your account to be deleted, you may email us at

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      To log out of your Enstack account: 1. Tap My Enstack on the lower right of your screen 2. Tap the Settings icon on the upper-right of your screen 3. Tap Logout
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