How do I navigate and use the All Orders screen?

How do I navigate and use the All Orders screen?

Your All Order screen has now been improved to help inform you what you need to do next to complete your orders.

There are a few filters to help you find your specific orders, including:

  1. Searching for specific order IDs or customer names

  1. Filtering your orders by date created

  1. Filtering your orders by shipping method (Enstack Same Day, Enstack Standard, Customer Shipping, and Own Shipping)

  1. Filter your orders by status, select only the orders you want to process.

With these filters, you can filter your orders based on what you want to do next, be it following up payments from your customers for their unpaid orders or booking orders for pickup.

You can also see how many orders have that status with the counter on the right so you don’t forget any of your pending or ongoing orders.

A good goal is always to push your orders to completion, or getting them to the “Delivered” status



Orders that are non-cash and still unpaid.

Because these orders are unpaid, you cannot proceed to complete the order yet.

Action Needed: Follow up payment from your customer. The invoice link can be copied from the details of the order and shared again

Orders that can already be booked for pickup. These include non-cash orders that have been paid and cash-on-delivery orders.

Action Needed: Book these orders for pickup so that they can be picked up and delivered to your customers

Orders that have already been booked for pickup or can be completed (for non-integrated shipping)

Action Needed:

For integrated shipping orders, pack and stick the airway bill (if using Standard Shipping) on your packages so that they are ready to be handed over once your rider arrives.

For non-integrated shipping orders (i.e. customer pickup and own shipping), you can simply tag the order as “Delivered” once it is with your customer.

Orders that have already been picked up by our couriers and are on the way to your customer.

Action Needed: None, just wait for your order to be delivered. You can keep track of its status and whereabouts with the tracking link found in your order’s details.

Orders that have been successfully delivered or completed.

Action Needed: None

Orders that have been cancelled.

Action Needed: None

Orders that did not make it to your customer/s. These orders will be returned to you by the courier and your customers refunded if non-cash.

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