How do I activate Chat Store?

How do I activate Chat Store?

Automatically accept orders from your chat accounts without personally taking orders from customers one by one.
Our chat store service will accept orders based on your current Enstack inventory. You can monitor, fulfill, and manage these orders in Ship Center.

You can start using Chat Store once you are in Advance Tier, make sure that you have at least one Enstack Shipping activated.

To activate your Chat Store:
1. Go to the homepage and tap the Chat Store icon 
2. You will be redirected to the Chat Store Setup
3. If you agree to add Enstack as an editor on your Facebook business page to set up the Chat Store template click Agree and Continue
4. Choose if you already have an existing Facebook page or you want Enstack to create a new Facebook page for you

If you choose "Create a new Facebook page for you"
1. Type your Shop name
2. Tell us something about your shop
3. Choose your shop category
4. Tap Continue

If you choose "Add existing Facebook Page details"
1. Provide your Facebook business URL
2. Tap Continue
3. Add Enstack Concierge as an editor on your Facebook Page
4. Once added on Facebook, tap the "I have added Enstack as an Editor"
5. Tap Continue
6. Your Chat Store request is done.

 An Enstack Account Manager will call your registered mobile number within the next 2 business days to help you complete your chat store setup.
Please make sure you have added products in the Inventory mini app.

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      Go to Settings > Apps You can see the Chat Store status as any of the following:      • Switched on - Active      • Failed - Make sure you have done all the steps necessary      • Pending for review - The team is still processing your request
    • How can I reply on my Chat Store when there is an inquiry?

      When you receive a request to "Talk to Seller" on your Chat Store. You will receive a notification from your Enstack App. When you receive a notifcation: 1. Click the inbox icon on the upper right corner of the App 2. Go to Buyer Chat tab 3. All ...