How do I add new orders with Cashier?

How do I add new orders with Cashier?

Adding orders on Enstack is easy.  By listing down your orders, you will be able to track your orders and manage your sales in real-time.

With Enstack Cashier, you can easily add products and amounts to cart and check out.

Creating orders can be simplified into these steps:
  1. Adding products and amounts to cart
  2. Reviewing your cart
  3. Checking out the cart

Adding Products and Amounts to Cart

With Cashier, you can add both products and custom amounts to the cart.

Adding products to cart is best used if you need to keep track of your inventory, and especially if you need to make use of integrated shipping options like Same Day Shipping or Standard Shipping.

Custom amounts are best used when needing to do quick order creation, like selling at a bazaar or in-person.
It must be noted that for orders with custom amounts, only Customer Pickup and Own Shipping will be available for your shipping options.
This is because these items do not have the weight/dimension information required to calculate shipping fees.

Checking Out

To check out your cart, just follow these steps:

Another smart feature of Cashier is that it keeps your checkout form short, hiding fields that are not required, scenarios include:
  1. Delivery and contact details are optional and hidden for orders using Customer Pickup
  2. Pinning the delivery address is only required when choosing Same Day Shipping

Another neat feature

To further speed up your Cashier experience, you can select what screen you see first when you open Cashier, Products or Keypad.
  1. Select Products if you add products to cart most of the time (e.g. you use Integrated Shipping a lot)
  2. Select Keypad if you make use of custom amounts more (e.g. you sell at bazaars and markets often)

All orders that are created can be viewed and managed in your All Orders page. Know more here.
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