How to book a pickup?

How to book a pickup?

To book a pickup with Enstack Standard shipping:

1. Go to Orders
2. Click Book a Pick Up
3. Select preferred date and time of pickup
4. Click "Book" to schedule the pickup

When scheduled, make sure to pack your order properly and print the Airway bill generated

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    • Do I need to message the courier for a pickup?

      Once you book for a pickup, you do not need to contact the courier separately. Our partner couriers will pickup your order on your scheduled date. All orders delivered from Thursday to Sunday will be paid on Tuesday. All orders delivered from Monday ...
    • How to know if my Shipping options are enabled?

      Easily know which Enstack Shipping options are available by tapping "Shipping" on your Enstack Home Page. Under "Shipping", you will be able to see which shipping options are available to your pickup address and whether they are turned on or off. To ...
    • I want to cancel my pick-up request

      We encourage our sellers to follow the requested pick-up schedule. You might be charged for the shipping cost for every failed pickup request. If in case you wish to cancel the scheduled pick-up, please advise us on or before 5:00 PM of the current ...
    • The rider did not pick-up my parcel on my requested scheduled day

      Our partner couriers will pick up the parcels based on your requested scheduled date with no specific time. Take note of the following: - Parcel is properly packed with Airway bill - You are available on the scheduled pick-up date For a failed ...
    • Can I offer my own shipping on my Web Store?

      Aside from offering Buyer Pickup, Integrated Same Day Shipping, and Integrated Standard Shipping on your Web Store, you can also opt to offering your own delivery, if applicable. You can turn on and set your own flat shipping fee for customers to ...