How do I get verified on Enstack?

How do I get verified on Enstack?

Once you sign up with Enstack your first tier is  , and you will be able to enjoy our Cashier, Inventory Management, Accounting, Reporting feature.

In order to unlock more features in Enstack, your account must be verified.

Once your account is verified you will be able to ship orders using our Standard and Same Day Shipping, Chat Store, and accept payments via non-COD payment channels.

Below are the features you can unlock for each tier:

Each tier has different requirements to unlock each feature:

Ready to get verified?
On the homepage, tap "Verify now to unlock features".

Once you've submitted your documents and bank account details, you will receive a notification if the pickup address you've provided is serviceable for standard and same-day shipping. Your tier will change from  to .

If you want to upgrade to  to accept non-COD payments, tap again "Verify now to unlock features" on the homepage.
Submit proof of billing such as a utility bill or a bank account statement and wait up to 48 hours for us to verify your documents. Once you are qualified to become a pro you will receive a notification and your tier will change from  to .

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    • How will I know if my Pro application is approved?

      To see if your Non-COD payment is approved: Your tier status in the homepage is changed to Pro Under Payments, Non-COD Payment is activated Once approved, you will receive a push notification saying that your non-COD payment channels are activated.
    • Why am I still in Advanced tier after sending my documents?

      Your account will remain in Advanced tier while your application is waiting for approval. To know if your Pro application is approved, click here: Approved Pro Application To know if your Pro application is rejected, click here: Rejected Pro ...
    • Why am I still a starter after adding my pickup address?

      Your account is still in Starter Tier due to your registered address being unserviceable in both shipping options.  To fix this, you can tap Verify Now or under Shipping enter other pickup address. Some addresses are unserviceable due to inaccurate ...
    • How will I know that my Pro application is rejected?

      To see if your Non-COD payment is rejected: On the homepage, tap Verify Now to check your status. On the homepage, tap Payments.  You will see that Non-COD Payments are still locked You will also receive push notifications, indicating that your Pro ...
    • What do I do if my documents are rejected?

      You can apply again for Pro tier and non-COD payments by updating your documents.  To do this: Tap My Enstack > Edit Documents Tap the "x" button at the upper right corner of the document/s to remove it and replace it by taking a picture or uploading ...