Why can't I use Enstack Shipping for my Keypad Orders?

Why can't I use Enstack Shipping for my Keypad Orders?

Keypad orders allow you to add custom products to your orders for quick, on-the-fly order-taking.

Enstack Shipping is best suited for orders under "Product Search" where all items are included in your Enstack Inventory, allowing us to compute the best shipping method and fees for you and your customers.
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      List down all your orders manually in your Enstack app.  By listing down your orders, you will be able to track your orders and manage your sales real-time. Here is how you can add an order: In All Orders  or Ship Center  tap "Add Order" Search for ...
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      Enstack's Cashier now has two ways to create orders manually! If you're creating an order to deliver using Enstack Shipping, make use of Product Search. Product Search orders only contain existing Products in your Enstack Inventory, allowing us to ...
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