Enstack dashboard

What am I seeing on the home page?

If you've reached our home page, welcome, and thank you for joining Enstack! 

As soon as you have successfully created your Enstack account, you will be redirected to your home page.

The Enstack home page is where you can easily access the different features of Enstack.

On the top you will see the following icons:
 Ship Center - where you can easily view and manage your Integrated Shipping orders
 Inbox - where you can view all notifications and messages sent to you

You can then see your name (or shop name) and your Business Tier underneath it.

Learn more about Business Tiers, click here.

To begin upgrading your account, simply click the blue bubble below your name to start:

Now, let's get familiar with the app:

Your Home Page has 4 main sections
1. Store Management
  Add and manage your products in Inventory
  List and keep track if your income and expenses in Accounting
  See your earnings and withdrawals in your Wallet
  Record your team members in Teams

2. Reports
  Know how your business is doing with your Sales report
  Understand which products are doing better than others with your Products report
  See what you're spending on with your Expenses report
  Analyze your earnings with your Income report

3. Services
  Enable integrated shipping options and update your pickup address in Shipping
  Turn on integrated payment options and update your bank account in Payments
  Customize your Web Store and Chat Store in Online Stores

4. Navigation Bar
  Return to your Home Page
  Take orders quickly with Cashier
  See all your orders, online and offline, with All Orders
  Access your account information and settings in My Enstack