What is Enstack?

What is Enstack?

Enstack is a FREE MSME business management app that makes it easy to record and manage daily business transactions.

Manage your inventory, keep track of all your orders, record income and expenses, and view reports - ALL IN ONE APP.

Say goodbye to complicated and confusing manual recording and lists. Enstack is FREE, SAFE, and EASY TO USE.

Run your entire business with Enstack today! Download the app now.
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    • Is Enstack hiring?

      We are always growing our business and are in search of talented professionals who want to join our team! Learn more about the opportunities available at Enstack by checking out our LinkedIn page for job openings.
    • Where can I download the Enstack app?

      Enstack is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Search for 'Enstack' or download it directly below. Note: Enstack is currently only available on any smartphone device on iOS and Android.
    • Can I use Enstack in any device?

      Enstack is currently available on any smartphone device on iOS and Android.
    • How do I provide feedback about Enstack?

      We would love to hear from you. If you have any feedback or suggestions you'd like to share, email us at hi@enstack.com.
    • How do I report a bug or an issue?

      To report a bug or any issue you are encountering, send us an email at hi@enstack.com with the following details: • Your name and email address registered with Enstack • Device type • Description of the issue or bug encountered • A screenshot or ...