What is the Web Store?

What is the Web Store?

The Enstack Web Store is your FREE, instant online store that is connected to your Enstack account.

Your buyers can quickly and easily browse your products, place orders, and pay for them.
All orders placed through your Web Store will automatically sync and appear under your All Orders page in the Enstack app.

Your customers can shop for your products and the transactions made through the site are synced and can be processed through the app. 

Features of the Enstack Webstore:

- Change and show your shop name
- Upload your own shop logo
- Customize your URL (can only be done once)
- Organize your product categories to your liking
- Link your business social media accounts
- Take orders at any time
- Accept all major payment methods (Cash, e-wallets, direct bank debit)
- Offer integrated shipping options (e.g. Same Day Shipping and Standard Shipping)
- Upload your own shop banners
- Accept Credit Card payments

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    • Where can I view and manage my orders from my Web Store?

      You can view and manage all of your orders from the Web Store and Cashier in All Orders or the Ship Center. All Orders -- Contains all orders created on Enstack via the Web Store, Product Search, and Keypad Ship Center -- Contains all orders created ...
    • How can I share my Web Store with my customers?

      Sharing your Web Store with your customers is as simple as copying the Shop URL from the Enstack app and pasting it on your socials and directly with potential customers. To find the URL, follow the steps below: 1. Tap Online Stores from the Home ...
    • How can I post my Facebook Live in my web store?

      You can now share your Facebook live broadcasts through your web store. Here is how you can embed your live video: On the homepage tap Online Stores Tap Store Links Add your Facebook page or account where you will have your live selling (make sure it ...
    • I want to pause receiving orders from my web store for now. How can I turn off my web store?

      If you want to temporarily close your shop or pause taking orders, you can follow the steps here.
    • Why does my Web Store look different?

      We've completely redesigned the Web Store from the ground up to make the online shopping experience better for you and your buyers. It's not just a redesign, the Web Store is supposed to run faster and more reliably. With the new Web Store, you are ...